The Four Essentials – Part 2


‎3- المُراجعةُ

Never give up on revision. Be prepared to recite Qurān in ease and in difficulty, in happiness and in sadness, in health and in sickness. Qurān will be your only companion in this world and the next that will guide you from darkness to light, and if you honour you, Qurān will shield you from Hell-fire in the afterlife, and misery in this life.
Steps to revision can be split as follows:

‎تلاوة •
There is reward for every letter that you recite for the sake of Allah. Reciting in a loud voice will help you in recognizing the rules, and reciting in a low voice will help you in speeding up the recitation a little (and is also more rewarding).


‎تدارس •
Ask Allah to bless you with a companion with whom you can share your discuss and exchange the gems from your lessons of Qurān. You can either find someone online or offline, and relationships built due to Qurān are one of the most blessed relationships in this world and a mercy from ar-Raheem, so make sure you actively seek out someone who will be there with you on this journey after placing your trust in Allah.

‎تدريس •
There will come a time where you will either be directed to teaching, or feel that you’ve to teach others. Never miss out on any opportunity when it comes to helping others out for the sake of Allah; teaching with reinforce all that you have ever learnt and is a good way to test your confidence and relationship with the Book of Allah.

‎4- الإتقان
The final stage of perfecting one’s memorization would include the following categories:

‎تدبّر •
Here you contemplate on the verses of the Qurān, and move beyond the level of linking with your thinking. This means that you will be spending more time reflecting in silence on the signs from Allah. The process of thinking previously will move your mind into action, and the process of contemplation will strengthen your resolve to take the message beyond your circle and benefit the mankind with the wisdom and guidance from the Final Message.


‎تحفيظ •
Helping others with memorisation:
Not only will you be prepared to help others out with Qurān as you advance in your journey, you will also be qualified to help people out with their memorization. Only take this up if you’re able to devote enough time, be it one student at a time.

‎ترشيد •
The final stage in your journey of seeking knowledge and teaching will be coaching others i.e. guiding them to that which will help them in getting unstuck with the Qurān.

A beginner should stick to the first step before moving on.
An intermediate student will have to learn how to balance his time between reinforcement and revision.
An advanced student of Qurān/teacher must focus on benefitting other students with his experience.


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