Surah al-Baqarah – Part 1

FDA2D824-FFE9-4D8D-BF36-AC248CBC19811- Allah starts the chapter in this Final Revelation with letters only He knows the meaning of.

2-3 This Book is a doubtless guidance for all those who truly fear their Lord, and believe in the Unseen while performing their obligatory prayers and helping the poor and the needy.

4- These people also believe in the Final Revelation and all that was revealed previously by their Lord. The belief incorporates the afterlife hence the believers plan for the future and live their lives accordingly.

5- The belief and actions of people will determine their end in the next life, and only the true believers will succeed in attaining the pleasure of their Lord.

6-7 The ones who disbelieved, on the other hand, will not benefit from the revelation or the reminders. Allah has sealed their hearts so neither do they comprehend the message nor do they understand the wisdom behind it. For these people, the punishment in the next life will be great.

8-9 Another category of people tries to trick the believers by professing belief in Allah and the afterlife when in reality they are not believers.
These people are only deluding themselves and wasting their time and their efforts shall all be in vain.

10- The reason for their hypocrisy is the sickness of their hearts rooted in lies which will lead to their punishment in the next life.

11-12 These hypocrites will claim they’re peacemakers in the land while they’d be among those causing corruption; they do not truly comprehend the extent of their corruption nor can they tell how misguided their actions are.

13- When they’re commanded to follow the Messenger ﷺ and profess belief like his companions رضي الله عنهم, the hypocrites make fun of the believers, when in reality, the hypocrites are the ones scorned and lack the ability to comprehend and profess true faith.

14-15-16 The hypocrites who profess belief in the company of the believers and mock them behind their backs shall be recompensed by Allah in a similar manner. They have in reality sold their afterlife for this worldly life by replacing belief with disbelief, so their punishment befits their crime.


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