Surah al-Baqarah – Part 2

17-18 Allah strikes the parables of fire and water to describe the state of these hypocrites. As for the fire, it’ll illuminate the surroundings and in an instant Allah would take away their light, leaving them in the darkness.

Such people are deaf, mute and blind to the commands of their Lord and they’ll not find a way back to Him.

19- As for the parable of water, it is as if a rainstorm would nearly drown them and the lightening and thunderclaps would increase their dread of death; Allah knows how to surround the disbelievers from all sides.

20- The lightening is such that it almost took away their eyesight, they can only muster the strength to walk when they see the light and as soon as the darkness strikes, they stop in their tracks out of fear. Had Allah willed, He’d have taken away their hearing and eyesight since He is capable of doing all things.

21-22 Mankind has been commanded to worship its Lord, the One who created them, and was present before their creation. Thinking about these signs will increase the fear of their Lord in their hearts.

The Lord of the mankind is the One who created the Earth and spread it out, and created the Sky as a ceiling, and sent down water from the sky so that the earth sends forth its fruits as provisions for them. All Allah wants in return is that we do not associate partners with Him.

23- And if you are in a doubt with regards to what was sent down on Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the Servant of Allah, then you can clear your doubts by trying to produce a chapter similar to the one found in this Quran, and you can also call upon your witnesses besides Allah to support you in this if you’re truthful.

24- However, if you don’t do it, and never will you be able to do it, then fear the fire that will be fuelled by humans and stones, prepared especially for the disbelievers.

25- Give glad tidings to the ones who believed and did good deeds of Paradise with rivers flowing beneath the gardens, the provisions of paradise would remind the believers of that which they used to enjoy in their worldly life, the likeness will be found in their shapes and delights, and their spouses will be purified for them to live with them for an eternity.

26- Allah does not shy away from striking example of a mosquito or anything that’s above it; as for the ones who believed in their Lord will know the truth is from Him, and as for the ones who’ve disbelieved, they’ll question what Allah intended to prove with this example. By striking examples, Allah misleads and guides many people, but only the defiantly disobedient people are misguided by these examples.

27- The defiantly disobedient are the ones who break their covenant with their Lord after contracting it, and severe all that their Lord has commanded them to join while causing corruption in the land- they’ll indeed be among the losers.

28-29 How can you disbelief in your Lord when He gave you life after death, and when He will make you die and raise you again, and when you’ll ultimately return to Him?

He is indeed your Lord, who has created all that is on this Earth for you to make use of, and directed Himself to Heaven and fashioned them into seven heavens, and is familiar and has the knowledge of everything.

30- When Allah gathers the angels and tells them that He’ll place His vicegerent on Earth, the angels discuss if that decision of their Lord would cause corruption on Earth while they glorify an exalt Him in the heavens? Allah tells them that He has a bigger plan for things since He has knowledge of things they do not know of.

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