Surah al-Baqarah – Part 3

31-32 Allah taught Adam عليه السلام the names of everything and challenged the angels to inform Him of the names of those things.

The angels exalted their Lord and denied the knowledge of everything except that which Allah had previously taught them out of His knowledge and Wisdom

33-34 Allah then ordered Adam عليه السلام to inform the angels of the names of everything and he did so, and Allah retraced His conversation with the angels to the matters they discussed openly and in secret.

Then, He commanded the angels to prostate to Adam عليه السلامand they all did except Iblīs, and he turned away from the command of His Lord out of arrogance and became a disbeliever.

35-36 Adam عليه السلام was commanded to live in peace and security alongside his wife in Jannah, and was given the liberty to enjoy all the provisions therein except for a certain tree.

Iblīs misguided Adam عليه السلام and his wife, so they ate from the forbidden tree and were exiled from Jannah, for a limited period of time, turning into enemies of one another, the humans and Shaitan.

37- Adam عليه السلام was taught by His Lord the words to seek forgiveness and he sought forgiveness, so His Lord forgave him.

38-39 They all were exiled from Jannah and were informed that the guidance will be sent for them in the world, so whoever follows the guidance will have nothing to fear and won’t be distressed in the next time.

As for the ones who disbelieve and belie, they’ll be among the companions of hell-fire, for an eternity.

40- Children of Israel (Jacob/Yaqoub عليه السلام) are reminded of the favours of their Lord upon them, and reminded to fulfil their covenants with their Lord.

They’re commanded to only fear Him; their Creator.

41-42-43 They’re also commanded to believe in all that their Lord has sent down and forbidden from disbelieving.

Children of Israel are forbidden from changing the verses revealed unto them for a cheaper worldly gain, and are commanded to fear their Lord.

They’re yet again forbidden from mixing the truth with falsehood and forbidden from hiding the truth about the Final Messenger ﷺ while they know of him and his signs in their Book.

44- Children of Israel are commanded to establish the prayers with the followers of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and to pay the charity due.

45-46 The prayer indeed is heavy on the souls and bodies except for those who truly fear their Lord, so the command is to seek help through patience and prayer.

The fearful ones are those who have full certainty of a meeting with their Lord and know that they’ll return to Him.

47- Children of Yaqoub عليه السلام are commanded to remember the favours of their Lord upon them, and that they were blessed and chosen above other people.

48- Another reminder of the Final Day when nothing will guard a soul from its horrors, and no intercession nor any compensation will be accepted from anyone.

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