Surah al Baqarah -Part 4

49-50-51-52-53 Allah reminds the children of Israel of His numerous favours upon them where He rescued them from Pharaoh and his evil supporters who murdered their children and taken their women in bondage, and it was a big test from their Lord upon them.

And Allah reminds them of the time when He split the sea for them, and rescued them while drowning Pharaoh and his army.

And Allah reminds them of the time when He gave the commandments to Musa عليه السلام while his nation took up the worshipping of a calf behind his back, and fell into a grave sin. Allah forgave their sin so that they may be thankful.

Allah has given Musa عليه السلام the commandments so that they people may find guidance and truth therein.

54-55-56 Musa عليه السلام reproached his nation for worshipping the calf and told them the punishment for their sinning would be that the righteous among them slay the wrongdoers. Thereafter, Allah pardoned them so that they may turn to Him in thankfulness.

And when a group among Children of Israel said that they won’t believe in Musa عليه السلام unless they see Allah with their own eyes, a thunderbolt struck them killing them on spot.

Thereafter, Allah brought them back to life so that they may be grateful.

57-58-59 Allah reminds them that He shaded them with clouds in the desert, and sent for them the manna and quail to enjoy as the wholesome provisions from Paradise. Yet, it wasn’t Allah who wronged them but they wronged themselves all the while.

And Allah reminds them of the time when He commanded them to enter the blessed land and enjoy its provisions, and they were commanded to enter it while bowing in humility and seeking forgiveness from your Lord whence-forth He’d forgive them.

Yet, the wrongdoers substituted the heavenly command of their Lord and Allah punished them by sending a plague upon them for their deeds of ungodliness.

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