Surah al Baqarah – Part 6

72- Bani Israel were told to recall the time when they killed a person and contended against one another on the matter, and Allah was soon to bring to light all that they were suppressing.

73- And they were commanded to strike the one who was slain, with part of the slaughtered cow, and that brought him to life.

This is how Allah would give life to the dead and show His miraculous signs so that the people may reflect and believe.

74- Nonetheless, their hearts had hardened after witnessing all the signs, so some became like stones or even harder; there are stones in nature that are softer than the hearts of hypocrites and defiantly disobedient slaves of their Lord, rivers gush forth through these rocks. And there are other stones that split asunder and water issues from them, while some of them fall down in pure awe of their Lord.

Indeed, Allah is never heedless of what His slaves do.

75-76 So after all that has transpired, do the believers still hope for this group to profess belief, while a group of them would hear the words of their Lord in Torah and go on to altering them after having understood them properly.

So, when they meet the believers they profess faith, and when they go back to their people in seclusion, they ask one another about what Allah has revealed to them in Torah compared with what the believers have. They fear the believers will argue against them before their Lord using the revelation.

77-78 Do they not know that Allah knows all that they conceal and go on to reveal?

And, then there’s an illiterate group among them, which has no knowledge of the Scripture and follows their vague fancies, and it follows nothing but conjecture.

79- Woe betide all those who write the Scripture with their hands and then claim it is from their Lord in exchange for a small price.

So, they have been cursed for what they wrote and cursed for making it a source of their earning.

80- Moreover, they go on to claim that they’ll never be touched by the fire of Hell in the Hereafter, except for a numbered days.

Ask them if they’ve made a covenant with their Lord promising them this? For Allah will never fail His covenant.

Or, it is yet the case, that they say about Allah that which they truly don’t know?

81-82 The truth is that whoever has sinned and is encompassed by his sin, then he will be among the Companions of Hell-fire, abiding therein forever.

Yet, those who truly believe and do righteous deeds, they’ll be among the Companions of Everlasting Gardens of Paradise, abiding therein forever.

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