Surah al Baqarah – Part 7

83- And a covenant was taken of the Bani Israel that commanded them to worship Allah alone, and to be kind to their parents and close relatives, as well as the orphans and the needy. They were also commanded to speak to people in a good manner and to establish the prayer and give charity. Thereafter, all but a few of them turned away from this covenant.

84-85 Another covenant was taken from Bani Israel prohibiting them from shedding the blood of their own and that they’d not expel one another from their dwellings, and they bore witness to this and consented.

Later, though, they treacherously killed and expelled a group of their faith-community from their dwellings and stood against them with the unbelievers. And when those people were seized by the unbelievers and brought as captives to Bani Israel, they’d ransom them according to the Law of Torah, while their expulsion was unlawful for them in the first place. They believed in part of the Scripture and disbelieved in other parts of it, so the recompense for such people will only be disgrace in this life and on the Day of Resurrection they’ll be driven towards the torment of Hell-fire along as wrongdoers.

Allah is never heedless of what these people do.

86- These people are the ones who have purchased the life of this world at the cost of their afterlife, thus their torment will never be lightened for them, nor will they ever be helped against Allah’s punishment.

87- Musa عليه السلام was given the Scripture, and in his footsteps, many messengers were sent to the Bani Israel. And Eisa عليه السلام, the son of Maryam, was given clear and miraculous proofs to confirm his truth to them. Moreover, he was also helped with Angel Jibreel عليه السلام .

But, whenever a Messenger came to them with a message that went against the desires of their souls, those people arrogantly belied some of the messengers while killing the others.

88- Certainly, they have claimed that their hearts are encased in their own religion against further revelation.

Rather, it is Allah who has cursed them for this disbelief, thus, very little do they believe.

89-90 And regarding this revelation, when this Book came to them from Allah confirming all that is with them, they belied it even though they were ardently seeking the victory of Allah over the disbelievers prior to its revelation. Yet, they denied the true message that was sent to them after recognising it.

Thus, the curse of Allah is upon the disbelievers.

They’ve sold their for a wretched price. They disbelieved in what Allah has sent sheerly out of malice- envious that Allah can send guidance from His bounty upon whomever He so wills from among His slaves. Thus, they’ve brought wrath upon wrath on themselves, and for the disbelievers there will be a disgraceful torment.

91- When it is said to them that they Believe in what Allan has sent down, they claim that they only believe in what was sent to them. And they disbelieve in what is beyond that, even though it is the truth confirming what is already with them.

So the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was told to ask them why did they kill the prophets of Allah in the past who came especially to them, if indeed they’re true believers in what was sent to them?

92-93 Musa عليه السلام came to them with clear proofs from Allah yet they took the Golden Calf s a god after him, when he had departed to receive Torah. Thus, they became idolatrous wrongdoers.

And when the pledge was taken from them to fulfil the covenant of their Lord, and Mount Tur was lifted above them, and they were commanded to take hold of all that was given to them in covenant with utmost power, and they were told to hear. Bani Israel said that they hear and disobey because the profound adoration of calf had infused deep into their hearts because of their incessant disbelief in Allah.

So, just tell them, that woeful is their false faith that bids them, if indeed they’re true believers.

94-95-96 Tell Bani Israel that if the abode of the Hereafter with Allah is indeed purely for them, to the exclusion of all the other people, then they should wish for death, if they’re, indeed, truthful.

But they’ll never wish for it, for they truly know what their hands in this life have earned for the Hereafter and Allah is all-knowing about the wrongdoers.

And so, you’ll find them the most eager of all people for this worldly life, even more than the ones who associate gods with Allah. They would love that their lives be prolonged for a thousand years- though, this still would not remove them from the torment of Hell-fire, even if he lived for that long. Allah is all-seeing of all that they do.

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