Ramadan: The month of Quran

“You want to contribute to changing the conditions of Muslims? Start with your food table.”

Ramadan is a good time to keep our diets in check. It is not the month of FEASTING as Muslims have mistakenly turned it into, everywhere. It is the month of fasting and holding our desires back.

Don’t let the Ramadan sales fool you, don’t overspend on food and focus on Quran. Don’t be found wasting time in the kitchen or with the seven-course iftaar.

Around the world, the some of the topmost complaints by Muslims during the next month will be about food, weather, long hours… You’ve been given the honour of being a slave of Allah, don’t let the worldly pleasures distract you from the higher purpose.

Ramadan is the time you can catch up with others in doing small deeds with an enormous payback. Catch up on recitation of Quran (even if you’re not perfect), pray more and give for His sake more to others- don’t overeat and don’t starve yourself; be moderate.

Focus on preparations for the other life where you won’t be stopped from eating and drinking to your heart’s content. Do not abuse your body and do not waste the time in Ramadan. Honour the time and make the most of it by focusing on worship.

Most importantly, you’ll have come a long way if you can only limit your consumption of food in Ramadan. You’re not supposed to spend hours in the kitchen, or on the dining table.

Eat enough that you can go through the day, and stay hydrated, so that you can focus on Quran and coming closer to Allah.

Ramadan is the month when Quran was revealed, and a very good period for you to reconnect and start afresh. Don’t let this world distract you, don’t abuse the blessings given to you.

Once you’ve taken care of yourself, start helping others in connecting with their religion.

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