Session 3 from Quran: Reflection and Action

سورة الأحزاب
It was revealed in Makkah and has 73 verses. This Surah talks mainly about the battle of Ahzab or Khandaq and how the hypocrites were exposed in testing times along with their traits.

Themes of this Surah:
Legislations for the believers
Organising the family of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Nullifying some of the practices of Jahiliyah
And some incidents from the Seerah

سورة سبأ
It was revealed in Makkah and has 54 verses. The story of Sheba, a kingdom in Yemen us recounted here. Allah blessed that land, and, when they disbelieved in Allah, the blessings were taken away.

Themes of this Surah:
Aqeedah (affirming the belief in Allah, Prophethood and the resurrection)

سورة فاطر
It was revealed in Makkah and has 45 verses. This Surah was named Fatir after Allah, the Originator and Creator of this entire universe. It is aslo known as سورة الملائكة or the Surah of the Angels because they act as mediators between Allah and His Messengers on the earth.

Themes of this Surah:
Establishing proofs for the existence of Allah
Destroying the fundamental concept of shirk
And commanding to be steadfast upon the religion of Allah and principles of Islam

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