Session 5 from Quran: Reflection and Action

سورة الزّمر
It was revealed in Makkah and has 75 verses. It was named after the groups of the disbelievers who will be taken to Hell fire in contempt and disgrace, and the groups of believers who will be taken to Jannah with honour and dignity.

Themes of this Surah:
Oneness of Allah
Proofs for the existence of a God
Revelation (Quran)
Purification of the hearts and the souls
The ultimate end of the disbelievers and believers

سورة غافر

It has 85 verses and was revealed in Makkah. It was named after the names and attributes of Allah such as the Forgiver of the sins – غافر الذنب-, the One who accepts the repentance – قابل التوب-. This Surah is also known as سورة المؤمن, named after the believer in the family of Pharaoh.

Themes of this Surah:
Principles of Aqeedah
Proof of Allah’s Oneness
Revelation of Quran
Attributes of the angels around the Throne
The end of the conflict between the people of truth and people of falsehood ie the believers and the disbelievers

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