Session 6 from Quran: Reflection and Action

سورة فصلت
It was revealed in Makkah and has 58 verses. Allah uses the word فُصِّلت which means that the verses of this Book are easy to understand and distinctly clarify the evidences and proofs for His existence, His power and Oneness.

The second name of this Surah is حم السجدة because when the Prophet ﷺ recited it upon the leaders of Quraysh, up till the verse of Sajdah, he prostrated.

Themes of this Surah:
Establishing the principles of Aqeedah
Oneness of Allah
Revelation (Quran)
Incidents on the Day of Judgment

سورة الشورى
It has 53 verses and was revealed in Makkah. The name of this Surah describes the believers who consult one another in their affairs.

Themes of this Surah:
Aqeedah: Belief in Allah’s Oneness
The Prophetic Message
Resurrection and the afterlife
Phenomenon of the Revelation

سورة الزخرف
It was revealed in Makkah and has 89 verses. It was named after the solid gold ornaments that Allah would have given the disbelievers had it not been that this would have driven everyone to unite in godlessness.

Themes of this Surah:
Aqeedah: Belief in Allah
Revelation and the Prophethood
Message and the afterlife
Story of Ibrahim, Musa and Eisa عليهم السلام

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