Fear Allah with the Quran

If someone told you, that there is a person who teaches how to pray, but in every Raka’ah of the Salah, he is known to make 5 mistakes (could be major or minor), would you be willing to learn how to pray from that person?

Salah connects us to our Lord, likewise, the Quran connects us to the proper understanding of this religion and it is the gateway to the purification of our hearts and souls. Every single letter in the Quran has 10 good deeds associated with it. Why, then, we are lowering the standards of learning Quran, and are willing to take it from those who are unqualified to teach the Book of Allah?

It has not become a trend yet, but this is setting a dangerous precedent where people will join circles of knowledge with unqualified teachers. Normally, the mic is handed to the person who can recite Quran excellently, and that means 100% no major mistakes. Unusually, we are witnessing sisters who can barely get by in terms of recitation lecturing on Islam/teaching Quran. Just because a person hangs around in the circles of knowledge does not mean that person is qualified and has mastered the subject. Appearances may fool people but they do NOT fool Allah.

I’ll write down the conditions and things to look for in an Islamic teacher, especially a Quran teacher, later.

Overall, people need to fear Allah with regards to His Book.

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