Guardians of the Quran

The Guardians of the Quran
I am about to start a series of posts on the Quran, how to go about learning the recitation, what to look for in a teacher, and how to be a model student of the Book of Allah.
Learning of the Quran begins with us, first. The role of a teacher is to guide, correct, help, restrict, test and mentor the students. Your teacher of the Quran cannot be held responsible for your shortcomings, and every student of Quran must hold himself and herself accountable before they jump from one circle of knowledge to another without attaining mastery.
As a reciter of the Quran, you will have to:
~Give Quran enough time daily
~Recite at appropriate times (not in a hurry or when you are distracted by other tasks)
~Set time aside for review consistently
~Find the right teacher/reciter/mentor who will be able to commit for at least one complete khitma of the Quran with you
Not everyone is qualified to be a Quran teacher, there are certain things you need to look for. Teaching someone Quran isn’t the same as giving lectures or talks; Quran requires greater efficiency, focus and also a degree of near perfection in terms of tajweed+tilawah+hifdh.
The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Verily, Allah has his own own people among humanity.” They said, “O Messenger of Allah, who are they?” The Prophet said, “They are the people of the Quran, the people of Allah and his chosen ones.”
– Sunan ibn Majah

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