Guardians of the Quran – 2

Most of us are familiar with this narration:
The Prophet  said, “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it. 
-Sahih al Bukhari

The condition the Messenger of Allah ﷺ placed upon the ones who teach the Quran to others is that they themselves learn it first. One cannot start teaching others without having mastered the Book of Allah, with no exceptions.  Studying Quran with an unqualified person is worse than studying Maths with someone who never has a definite answer to problems.
Proficiency in Quran is achieved by investing hours in its recitation and reciting to a proficient reciter who will correct your mistakes for you. The qualities you must look for in a Quran teacher is that:
*They studied Quran from start to finish with a good teacher
*They have a certificate/shahada/ijazah that aids them in teaching others
*They have mastered the Makharij (points of articulation) and their Tajweed is flawless.
*They have no apparent mistakes, and whatever hidden mistakes they had were corrected by them (this goes back to their teacher who certified them, and that is why it is good to study Quran from someone you know and trust.)
*They can give you an overview of the Quran – it’s not a parrot-student-teacher culture
Learning the recitation of the Quran is not like listening to other Islamic lectures or speakers, people who choose random, unqualified teachers to study the Quran with are wasting their time.
A good Quran teacher will have:
*Excellent tajweed and proper makharij
*a good recitation
*no apparent mistakes in tajweed or even tashkeel/harakat (marks on the letters)
*authorisation by a Quran teacher to go ahead and teach others
One who lacks even a single point mentioned above must sit down and learn how to recite Quran before teaching it to others. It’s become our duty to talk about this because we see people rising up to the opportunity to teach Quran as if it’s a random book that can be just handed over to others without appropriate qualifications or experience. Even a degree/diploma/certificate in other subjects of Islamic studies do not qualify a person to teach the Quran unless they have studied it properly, by itself.

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