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When you embark on this spiritual journey of learning how to recite and memorise Quran properly, keep your intentions pure for the sake of Allah. Allah will open doors of learning, knowledge, light, guidance, mercy and good companionship for you.

If you sincerely put in the efforts, Allah will send the right people who will teach you the Quran, connect you with others who memorised it before you and encourage you to become a mentor for the future generations who will be seeking similar guidance and help.

Your No. 1 companion on this journey will be Quran and then your teacher followed by anyone else who is memorising the Quran with you in the same class or group of students.

You may not find another person to help or support you and you could feel lonely and isolated on this journey because you want to bond with another believer with whom you can share your joys and struggles with the Quran.

It is difficult to manage alone, if we cannot find anyone around us in person then our next best option is networking online and joining sessions or courses where there are good people and we can reach out to them.
Even one uplifting person is enough, we can take the period of seclusion as a period of training because sooner or later we will come across someone who will need our help and we could have a friend for a lifetime and Hereafter.

If it hasn’t been possible for you to befriend people who are in the same boat as you, don’t be disheartened, it is possible that Allah chose you above everyone else to be the bearer of this Message to all those who’ll find you around the end of your journey with memorisation. You must hold onto His Book with strength and confidence, and keep walking till you reach your goals and see it for yourself.

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