Guardians of the Quran – 4

There are many advantages of reciting the Quran as well as memorising it. The few disadvantages are ONLY applicable to those who recite/memorise WITHOUT a teacher or someone who can correct them.

Recitation of the Quran:
increases a person’s good deeds
teaches him his religion – if he knows the language
protects a person from misguidance and doubts
draws a person close to His Rabb
helps with mastering the tilawah with proper tajweed
Memorisation of the Quran:
enhances a person’s memory
aids in learning of the language
enhances the speech pattern
enhances a person’s focus and concentration levels
multiplies the good deeds due to the repetition of the verses
encourages one to go deeper, beyond just the words and their meaning.
One must become fluent in recitation before he memorises; struggling with tajweed, letters, recitation and on top of it memorisation is not a good idea. At best, you will need to recite the entire Quran 4-7 times before the tajweed, letters and recitation all fall into place.
You have to prepare yourself mentally, that no matter what happens, you will keep in touch with Quran.
It has been raining a lot here in Kuwait, and most of the work is postponed, so this is a very good time to spend at least an hour with the Quran in the morning and in the evening.
The only cons with recitation and memorisation, again, will be due to a lack of proper guidance and direction. You never lose with Quran as long as you hold onto it.

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