Guardians of the Quran – 7

Back in the day, Tafseer was taught and studied in closed circles and those who had no access to the classes were still able to benefit from the books. Today, we have multiple resources online in various languages which one can use to understand the meaning and explanation behind the Words of Allah.

For a student of the Quran, it is important that he understands the background of the verses and enrols himself in a Tafseer class. The subject of Tafseer can be covered from many different angles and the best one is where the summary of everything is given at the start, and later on, the in-depth classes are made available for the students.
Those who already know the Arabic language will be able to benefit the most from Tafseer sessions, as for the ones who are studying Arabic as well as Tafseer, they need to concentrate more on their Arabic lessons so that space is freed up for the future for other subjects.
Usul ul Tafseer, or principles of Tafseer, are essential for the students of knowledge to know as it will make the studies easier.
You could always say that you’ll study Tafseer on your own from books but very few people are actually able to manage this feat on their own. Make use of what is available and don’t overburden yourself especially when you have revision and new memorisation hovering in your schedule.

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