Guardians of the Quran – 8

The copy of Quran that you use for memorisation and revision also plays an essential role in making your journey easy or difficult for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right copy:

1- It shouldn’t be fancy or colourful -the pages must have a consistent colour.

2- It should have a clear print that is easy on the eyes.

3- It shouldn’t have tafseer/multiple meanings/themes/or mutashabihatoutlined.

4- Keep only one copy for memorisation and revision- don’t add different sizes to your list or you’ll confuse yourself.

Best way to memorise the Quran?

The best way is to repeat the verses or passages 40 times if you want your hifdh to become grounded. We started a course on memorisation of Surah al-Baqarah and the repetition required there is 30 times at least for every page, and so far, that has worked for the students.

The last 10 times will be once they’ve memorised the Surah completely.

Keep Quran above everything else you do and study, never allow other subjects to become a priority over Quran.

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