Guardians of the Quran – 9

Contrary to the popular method of finding times of ease in order to memorise, the best way to memorise Quran and retain it is making time for it. A lot of people think that they need to be comfortable physically, mentally, emotionally, and have the best energy and focus in order to memorise. The truth is that you will never have everything 100% in one place, so you will have to make the most of NOW- memorise what you can NOW, revise what you can NOW, and don’t delay things in the hopes of a better time, focus or energy in the future. You will have your ups and downs.

That being said, how do you find the best time to give to Quran? Remember that the time you make for the Quran is the time you are making for Allah, and you will be rewarded for taking this seriously. The best time to memorise, revise and recite is before and after Fajr, in any time zone, because those are the peak hours for blessings, mercy and Allah being nearest to you:
The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Our Lord descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of every night, and he says: Who is calling upon me that I may answer him? Who is asking from me that I may give him? Who is seeking my forgiveness that I may forgive him?
-Sahih al Bukhari and Muslim
Can you imagine using those hours to repent and continuing your journey with the Quran? Can you imagine the reward, the blessings, the serenity and mercy that’ll surround you?
After Fajr, the day gets busier as time goes by so another stop is around Zuhr. If you have your mornings free, then you can use those hours to revise and memorise too. An hour or two after Zuhr for Quran consistently will also ground your memorisation.
Some may find time only before or after Asr/Maghreb; it is best to give Quran an hour each for revision and memorisation on a daily basis.
Around Isha, you may be exhausted to memorise new verses and pages, but there’s a secret technique that you can use to accelerate your hifdh: Recite the pages you want to memorise the next day. This will make the pages easy for you when you come around to memorising them, and the only reason this technique is an open secret is that not many people push themselves to apply it.
Yes, you will be tired and exhausted and may not have enough energy, but instead of using social media, can you not give Quran 5 minutes of your time? Repeat the same page 2-3 times and rest, or do 2 pages in 10 minutes. Do it consistently and see the results for yourself.
Treat Quran with respect, love and honour, and you will always find time for it. If you neglect it, then you have only yourself to blame for failing to complete the recitation or hifdh of the greatest Book ever sent.

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  1. Wherever I can, If I recognise moments whereby the Quran mentions, I have a habit of allowing others to reference them too. In this case,

    ‘Treat Quran with respect, love and honour, and you will always find time for it. If you neglect it, then you have only yourself to blame’,

    Is like the ayah in which it is said,

    ‘Nay, but their hearts are in ignorance of this (Qur’an), and they have other works, besides, which they are doing’ (23:63)

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