Guardians of the Quran – 11

When it comes to our expectations of our teachers, we have an idealized image of our Quran teachers/guides which could be built on false premises. That doesn’t mean that we must not expect anything but that we have realistic expectations so that we can progress with as much ease as is possible.

These are some of the expectations you must keep in mind when looking for the right teacher:
~ Help you in becoming a better, more fluent reciter
~ Give you the most important rulings pertaining to the chapters you’re reciting, the rules of Tajweed, and any other connected info
~ Give you tips and guidelines for improvement, and won’t be there just to “listen” to your recitation without correcting you
~ Make proper time for you
~ Provide resources for you to improve
Now, what you must not expect your teachers to do for you is:
~ Rush you forward – you need to give Quran proper time
~ Be your only source of inspiration
~ Cover all aspects of this subject for you- you’ll have to do your own homework
~ Grant you the permission to teach when you are not qualified < — this takes us back to why I started this series in the first place
Next post will cover the expectations, both idealized and realistic, of a teacher of Quran.

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