Guardians of the Quran – 12

Most teachers are well aware of the potential and limits of their students, so the students make fair progress. Ideally, your Quran teacher will:
» Encourage you to do better
» Help you in building a strong foundation
» Teach you the history, basics, common mistakes and issues people face on their journey with the Quran
» not neglect you and take your circumstances into consideration

If the criteria above, at the very least, is being met, then it will become easy for you to focus on the subject itself. However, if you find yourself with someone who lacks the above and doesn’t add to your learning experience, then you’ll need to change your teacher. Very few teachers have unfair expectations of their students, and those are either new to teaching or lack proper training, which is why it is recommended that you find a qualified person to learn from. Every Quran teacher knows that no one attains perfection in recitation overnight, and it takes weeks of training at the very least to master the basics.

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