Give Quran time

In my experience, students of Quran who study the language and recite Quran daily are the ones who benefit from their halaqahs, and studies. The ones who take notes in class but never review or revise fall far behind in learning and internalising the message properly.

If you want to make the most out of your classes and Quran sessions, then invest more time in studying alone, offline, and then in groups once your halaqah is over. End of a session doesn’t mean you’re free to forget it all till the next session with your teacher.

Don’t waste your precious time and that of your educators. If you keep restarting your learning then not only are you wasting blessings of Allah upon you and burdening the ummah.

Students of Quran must be consistent and diligent with their learning and revision. You’ll not internalise the knowledge unless you revise what you’ve learnt often, especially in the early stages of your studies.

Don’t wait for a long time to pass before you embark on revision- keep in touch with Quran by revising at the very least a page a day, out of Salah.

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