Ramadan Kareem

In the Quran, Allah connects happiness to:
1. Belief in Allah & His Messenger ﷺ
2. Righteous deeds
3. Recitation of the Quran
4. Remembrance of Allāh
5. Prayer
6. Adherence to Quran & Sunnah
7. Following the Companions رضي الله عنهم
8. Repentance
9. Being pleased with al-Qadr
10. Patience

When you recite Quran, do it as if you’re reciting directly to Allah. Try doing this as much as you can. Whenever you recite, in your heart, say, “Oh Allah this is for you.”. Cut everything out, and focus on the words of your Rabb. Drift into another world where it is just you and your Quran in the presence of your Lord.

For those who are struggling to keep themselves together, hoping for some mercy and healing during this blessed month of Ramadan, here’s as verse from the Quran as a gift for you:

ولا تَهِنُـوا ولا تَحزَنُوا وأنتُمُ الأعلونَ إن كُنتُم مؤمِنين. – سورة آل عمران
So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers. – Surah Aale Imran

Put your trust in Allah, renew your intentions and may you have a blessed Ramadan ahead.

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