Permanent Change with Quran

¦ A life changing step ¦

If you want that Allah blesses you in Ramadan- read much of the Book of Allah. Complete its recitation with reflection and meaning and by feeling remorse over yourself, humbling yourself and remembering what is between you and the Book of Allah in terms of deficiency, so that you rectify your faults, and your weakness so that you can fortify it.

So, when you read the Book of Allah, feel that Allah is ordering you, prohibiting you and admonishing you. If someone is with the Quran like this during night and day- he will be blessed in this month. Rather, he will be blessed for his entire life.

Glad tidings for the slave who takes to the Book of Allah – so he recites it standing and sitting. He recites it during the night seeking closeness to Allāh by it and hoping for the mercy of Allah.

— Shaykh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Ash-Shinqiti

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