Summer break and Quran

It’s summertime and 2 of my neighbours have decided to memorise a page from Quran daily for the month of June-July and increase that to 2 pages in the month of August.

I’ve started another Qira’a here from the Quran ( خلف عن حمزة) and will be containing the series Guardians of the Quran and share my insights, tips and ideas as days go by.

What are your goals for this summer before the next Eid, new semester, or the season of winter?

Share and encourage others to be productive as well because our life is just so temporary and we are here for a limited time.

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  1. I think the best way to explain what my current focus is on is by the prayer I currently choose to regularly make:

    ‘Allah, My Rabb! You have made me and mankind khalifas upon this Earth, therefore make me amongst those that protect, maintain, and raise the honour of others through Your will. Make me not the one who disgraces or removes them except in what is just. And forgive me, and you are Ar-Rahmaan, Al-Ghafur, Al-Mu’izz, Al-Mudhill’.

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