Guardians of the Quran – 15

General Teaching Guidance & Instructions

1. Sincerity to Allah is the essence of every good deed, and without sincerity, even the best of actions can turn into the worst of violations.

2. Teaching Quran is one of the best investment you can do for yourself as a teacher as has been mentioned by the Prophet of Allah ﷺ in a narration where he said that the best among the believers is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it to others.

This should encourage the teacher to approach the subject with love and enthusiasm by understanding its importance and virtue.

3. Familiarising yourself with the age group you’d be teaching so that you can prepare the right lessons for the students and help them overcome their challenges.

4. Exchanging ideas with teachers within the field who have previously taught and dealt with issues so you can come up with innovative fresh solutions.

5. A good teacher plans her lessons, prepares well for the lessons beforehand and sets achievable goals on a daily basis which keep her from forgetting and last minute disturbances.

6. Being keen on attaching the hearts of the students with Allah.

7. Guiding the students on goal-setting and reminding them that the purpose of their attendance is more than just memorising the Book of Allah – they must also focus on reflecting on the honorable verses and building their lives around it, which in turn would make it easier for them to master its recitation and behave in accordance with its teachings.

8. Being lenient and gentle with the students and keeping in mind that the students will take after the character and manners of their teachers in dealing with others who want to learn the Quran from them in the future.

9. The lessons must be planned in a way that keep them from becoming taxing on the students with burdensome seriousness, and everyone should feel that they belong together like a family of believers working on the common goal of seeking the Pleasure of their Lord.

10. Accommodating the students within the lessons so that they feel welcomed and give it a priority over their other worldly affairs, like hanging out needlessly and oversleeping, and making the Quran circles a sanctuary where newcomers are welcomed as sisters and brothers by the older students.

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