Volunteering to Teach Qur’an

My favorite activity this summer is to spend time at the local mosques within our community and help out the children, young girls and elderly ladies with the Qur’an.

It’s not an everyday thing, but I look forward to every single morning or afternoon session. The best part about it? We are keeping everything offline. No groups to discuss, review or post our activities – everything is kept offline.

The sessions are open-ended so we could go from listening to the recitation to memorisation or just surprising the little ones with stories from our history.

Since no one asked for it, or thought I’d be up to it, I decided to surprise the local Halaqah girls with a homemade treat.

And now that it’s gone down well, I’ll not be repeating this feat (yes, baking during summer in the Middle East is akin to pointing the hairdryer at full force directly at your face when it’s windy, or just picture the standing in a shower of wet sand, now imagine that).

I postponed my travel plans in solidarity with the sisters who will be spending time here to study, review, and recite and stay put till the weather cools off a little.

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