Everlasting Companionship

If the days and nights could speak to us, they would not stop asking us about where the companions of the Quran are post Ramadan?

Are we not eager to be among the People of the Quran, who are also known as the people of Allah? Yes, indeed, by Allah, we are eagerly long to be among His People, so let’s hold onto the companionship of the Quran until the end of our lives.


  1. Jazaakallahu khayr for your posts, I consider many of them really uplifting and helpful to me.
    In return, I would like to remind ourselves to strive for the Home of the Hereafter–that which brings us to it without getting lost in it, and I ask the Most Merciful to facilitate it for us.

    1. JazakAllahu khayr, may Allah make it easy for us all to meet Him in the best of our faith

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