Don’t Be Among These People

For anyone who’s delaying his learning until the time he or she can travel overseas to study with an esteemed scholar or get admission in a prestigious college, you’re wasting your time and making excuses for yourself. You need to study and learn right now, wherever you are.

Don’t put off your learning, study Islam, and learn the religion of Allah. Try to get the best out of your situation. If you have a sheikh to teach you, that’s the best. If not, then find someone who’s more learned than you are and learn from them.

If you cannot find anyone (and that’s nearly impossible if you can read this and have access to the Internet then there are many sources to take knowledge from), at least pick a book and study. Don’t put off your learning in a faraway future because you might never get the time to do it.

Procrastination is not an excuse.
Laziness is not an excuse.
Lack of time is not an excuse.

The biggest regret people will have on the Day of Judgment will be due to their procrastination – they delayed their decisions and good works. If you recite the Quran on a regular basis, you’ll see the complaints of these people come up where they wish to be sent back to the world so that they’d believe, or pray, or give more in charity.

Don’t be among these people.

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