Indeed, the Property of Allah is Precious

Your main objective for any Islamic work should be for the sake of Allah.
Not for money.
Not for fame.
Not for the socialisation.

Purely for the sake of Allah, we must purify our intentions every time, consistently. This religion requires sacrifice and if you’re waiting for payback in this life, you might not get it.

This religion demands that you give it your everything because, in exchange, you are getting Jannah which is more valuable than anything you could ever give.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ
‎ألا إن سلعةاللهِ غالية، ألا إن سلعةَ الله الجنة
Indeed, the property of Allah is precious,
Indeed, the property of Allah is Jannah.

It has been made very clear to us what we are getting into, we were promised certain things and must prepare ourselves for that. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park for any of us, it is going to be a struggle that demands a lot of sacrifices.

We need to prepare ourselves for that.

The first step towards the preparation is seeking knowledge and being consistent with it.

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