What about His Seerah?

Seerah is one of the most important Islamic subjects yet few study it. Allah placed the best of examples for us all in the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ yet how many people, individually and collectively, study the life besides skimming from incident to incident?

What happened to the lessons from his life? How will we emulate his lifestyle when we don’t even know how he lived on a daily basis?

We really do know more about celebrities of the day because their lives are splattered everywhere for all to see. We have lessons on family life, leadership lessons, lessons on living and working in a community within the Seerah.

The solutions for our problems in the world today lies in the life of Muhammad ﷺ provided you know how to interpret the lessons beyond reading, as that isn’t sufficient. We must study deeply, analyse, compare and apply the lessons in our lives.

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