Daily Routine

In order to progress consistently with the Quran, you must pick a time for the following activities on a weekly basis and free yourself during those hours.

You could either combine some acts together like reciting the Quran in a loud voice from your memory in Salah, or you could do one thing at a time.

Try to do at least 3 things from the list below, daily, for a month at least and notice the difference in your life.

§ Praying and seeking Allah’s help in your daily affairs.

§ Reciting the Quran off by heart

§ Reciting in a loud voice

§ Reciting the different passages in your Salah

§ Committing yourself to review of your hifdh

§ Listening to the recitation of an expert Qari

§ Working on your Tarteel while reviewing the hifdh

§ Studying the meaning of 30 verses every day.

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