The Real Comfort

In the Quran, you’ll find consolation and reassurance from your Lord. For the believers, the real comfort is found within the words of their Lord.

Read the words of Allah with sincerity and you’ll find counsel in them. 

You’ll find the advice you’re looking for that’ll comfort you, you’ll see the struggles of those who suffered a lot more than you and how Allah helped them. 

Allah never abandoned those before us, those who are struggling with us, and the future generations who are to come after our time. What makes you think that Allah will not look after you? He is constantly watching over you, guiding your affairs, waiting for you to turn back to Him so that you can rise up with your heart to receive peace.

You’ll come across the story of Yusuf عليه السلام– don’t just look at the story but the lesson behind it.  Allah mentioned the stories for us to take heed, and He highlighted parts of the lives of His slaves so that we can reflect and align ourselves with the truth with patience whenever a similar situation arises in our lives. 

In Sarah Yusuf, there’s power struggle and envy, as well as hope and comfort. A child who was kidnapped by his own brothers, thrown into the well and abandoned in darkness.

 Can you imagine the terror he was going through, as a child? Then, the same child is sold off in a different country by random strangers, with apparently no chance of reuniting with his family whatsoever.

If anything like that happened today, the story would be trending worldwide and the internet would be on fire. But when we discuss the same stories from the Quran, we just brush them aside casually. 

For a child who was sold as a slave and then put into prison for more than a decade for a crime, he didn’t commit.

 Allah reassures us throughout this story shared in the Quran that He was overlooking and dominant over the affairs of His slave. Every single day, and every single night.

And Allah was subtly working, behind the scenes to bring about justice, peace and restore the comfort of the parents, children and the nation all at once.

Just because the workings and plans of Allah are subtle and behind the scenes, it doesn’t mean that our Lord has abandoned us. 

It’s a feeling we may get when we are distressed, because we may not see things turning out to be in our favour, or even feel isolated and that the world has turned against us, but in the very same moments of distress is our Lord testing our faith as to who is a true believer and will be humble and patient as opposed to the one who believes only when the times are good.

Whether you’re wealthy or in abject poverty, the love of Allah doesn’t change for you based on your physical appearances because He loves you for what’s in your heart. 

He knows. He sees. He hears it all.

Allah is refining you, purifying you, drawing you closer to Him with His mercy and grace. 

Allah will never burden anyone beyond his capacity. 

Allah has sent a message for you. Do you have the time to read it?

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