He Looks at the Sincerity

Arrogance and bitterness won’t bring you closer to Allah, nor make you a more steadfast believer.

Only those who are humble enough to learn are taught, and that’s why we see many people give up seeking knowledge or don’t get started because they think they are too good for certain methodologies.

For those who are struggling with the Quran, or seeking knowledge, or being humble. Look for reasons inside your heart and drop your ego if you want a better afterlife.

For truly Allah does not look at the number of the deeds performed; rather, He looks at the sincerity behind our actions.


  1. Allahu akbar, humility is such a strange and wonderful quality. It moves without anyone noticing, and yet it is more powerful than anything else because it is an indicator of their reliance and trust upon Allah.
    The Most Merciful does not hide, but those who follow Him with humility are hidden because their actions were freed from all else except for Him. However, it is as you have said before: the companions of the Quran always stay together; they are all on the same path.
    I think it’s due to this quality of humility that, when it comes to faith and companionship amongst the believers, it’s more about trusting each other more so than anything else.

    1. If Qur’an is our priority then people will find their way forward sooner or later. I’ve seen people discover Qur’an and join the believers on their journey as if they never had gone astray.

      Trusting Allah helps trust the believers too.

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