There’s Still Hope

The worst relapse in your life as a Muslim is when
You hear the Adhan but don’t respond,
And you miss Fajr but you disregard it,
And you abandon the Quran and don’t care,
And you’re prevented from doing good but you take that lightly,
And you’re deprived of good companionship but don’t realise this,
And you sin without feeling pangs of remorse over your actions,
And you have no dedicated portion of the Quran to be recited daily, no tasbeeh, no dhikr and you don’t feel lonely,
And you keep wondering if Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s intercession would save you but you don’t bother learning about his life and how he handled situations you find yourself in.

Where do you want to go from here?
Your only option is to turn to Him. Seek Him before you lose your chance to do so.

Hearts are truly in the hands of Allah, so ask Him to grant our hearts steadfastness and peace.

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