Greater Than Your Life

Have a plan for your life that is greater than your career, relationships, and hobbies.

Too often we get caught up in one aspect of our lives at the expense of everything else and then wonder what we could have done differently with our work, relationships, or creative endeavors.

We are here to be as productive, helpful, and spiritual as we can be. Don’t neglect your family while you’re busy building your career; build relationships along the way so that you don’t end up with tons of material success and no humans in sight to share or celebrate with.

Also, don’t ignore your religion and contribution to the community on a spiritual level just because you can’t think beyond your inner circle of friends. Share the blessings of time, wealth, and resources that Allah has blessed you with; someone else will always be in need of that which you don’t think twice about and can do without.

Leave a positive legacy behind, don’t just talk the talk or walk the talk anymore— help others walk on the path with you.

مَنْ عَمِلَ صَالِحًا مِّن ذَكَرٍ أَوْ أُنثَى وَهُوَ مُؤْمِنٌ فَلَنُحْيِيَنَّهُ حَيَاةً طَيِّبَةً وَلَنَجْزِيَنَّهُمْ أَجْرَهُم بِأَحْسَنِ مَا كَانُواْ يَعْمَلُونَ

سورة النحل ٩٧

Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer – We will surely cause him to live a good life, and We will surely give them their reward [in the Hereafter] according to the best of what they used to do.

Surah an Nahl 97

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