Don’t Steal Happiness

It’s human nature to compete with one another so that we can be better. But it’s the nature of the devil to sabotage someone else’s efforts and ruin their work.

Allah looks at our intentions and rewards us for the sincerity. There is no reward for the one who secretly envies and openly causes harm to others.

Translation: “Do not steal the happiness of anyone, and do not trouble the heart of anyone. Our lives are short, and in our graves we will be in need of those who pray for us, and not pray against us.”

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  1. I ask Allah that we never become among those who sabotage the efforts of others, and seek forgiveness for the times that we have, willingly and unwillingly.

    It is in supporting each other that Allah permits protects our blessings from being lost, and I truly hate that I should ever humiliate anyone.

    ‘… Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves…’ (13:11)

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