My Journey with the Quran

My Journey with the Quran began with wanting to understand the words of Allah.

Having memorized some portions of Quran from my childhood and with some background in spoken Arabic, it helped me with the very basic meaning of some words but I wasn’t able to picture the entire verse during recitation. I didn’t let that stop me from reciting and in the meantime kept searching for someone who’d help me overcome these hurdles (that is a topic for another day..).

Years and couple of Ijazahs later in three different recitations (because you won’t be able to stop at one the more you learn about Quran) I still believe the same:

• You’ve to make the Quran a part of your life. A major part.

• Keep asking Allah to open your heart to His Book, and when your heart is open, ask Allah to help you in understanding His intended meaning.

• Learn to be at ease in your own company, you won’t always have companions or friends to help you move forward with your memorization so be prepared to walk solo for the sake of Allah.

• Study with teachers who won’t be lax with you based on your age, ethnicity, gender, or personality.

• Take the words of Allah seriously and don’t think that you’ll be given a special leeway by your Master in accountability. In fact, the accountability of scholars and those with higher understanding will be more severe, so be prepared to that and look forward to it by rectifying yourself.

• Never belittle your teachers, or other students of knowledge. We all have a different path in life and a separate journey and will meet one another for a while; don’t make this journey harder for yourself by holding ill-thoughts or feelings about others. If you disrespect others on your journey you will face a similar disrespect down the road so always be careful with others.

• There will always be a next step for you to take on this journey so be prepared to walk on the path of the righteous people and be steadfast. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ told one of his companions to say that he believes in Allah and then to be steadfast. You may stumble on your journey and will make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and don’t repeat them.

To be continued..

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