Can You Spare 7.5 Minutes?

If you’ve come across this post scrolling down then read this:
We spend many hours daily staring at our screens, talking to people, reading and going through words that neither benefit nor serve us. How about we consciously make an effort to take just 7.5 minutes out of our time daily and devote it to the recitation of the Quran?
If you recite at least a page or 2 daily, then lock those minutes for reading a good book, listening to a good lecture.

Doing that once, daily, with the Quran, will help us complete the recitation of the entire Scripture in 3 months. If you double the time then you can halve the duration. But lock some time purposely for the only Book that will provide you with guidance, reward, blessings, healing, light and mercy all at once.

Stop scrolling for a bit and make sure you recite at least a page today.

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  1. It’s always the small deeds like this that I fear slipping in.

    We are always aware of the major sins and so strive to avoid it. Meanwhile, you can be forgiven for having fallen short of the greater challenges in our lives because of its difficulty. Trust Allah, then get up and try again.

    The smaller matters: they can’t be excused. Being asked to read or listen for 7.5 minutes to something beneficial to my life in this world and the Hereafter? No isn’t an answer.

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