Allah Has Favoured You

Reciting your daily portion from the Quran is from the Favour of Allah on you,

Reciting your Quran with perfect pronunciation, intonation, proper pauses and stops and with understanding of the meaning is due to Allah’s Favour upon you,

Completing your khatam of the Quran with ease, and following its commands are due to the blessings of Allah upon you,

Even if you’re deprived of some worldly things, are distressed, afflicted and in pain, there is still Quran with its treasures ready to soothe your heart and put your soul at ease.

Avail this treasure while you can, as days don’t always remain the same.

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  1. Each day may be different, though subhanallah, the words of Allah remains the same.

    It helps to have those words in your heart and mind, ready to use for when the days change. That way, the days may change, though alhamdulillah, one remains firm in the path to Allah.

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