The First Chapter

How would you feel if today was the first time you came across these verses..?

Would they make you think about the author of these verses, overwhelm you or confuse you..?

Would you be able to tell who your Creator is, instinctively, or would you show skepticism..?

And what about the straight path, would you be curious about what that looks like and how to make sure you get on one..?

If these questions never came to your mind before whenever you recited this chapter, then, take a break from things today for at least 3 minutes and reflect on associating them with every single verse of the Surah and make an intention to benefit from not only the reward of recitation, but in-depth reflection and meaning of the words of your Lord.

He’s speaking directly to all of us, yet, we skim over this chapter during our prayers as if the purpose was just to tick an item off the checklist to fulfil the obligation of reciting without reflecting.

Reflect upon the meaning during recitation, and don’t lower the bar once you raise it for your prayers.

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