The Time is Now

1. You don’t always have to stand up for what you believe in.
Sometimes, you need to sit down and reflect on your current state and see how you can improve yourself, followed by your family, friends and then the community.

2. Make decisions and speak up.
You can remain silent for only as long as your silence isn’t being used to give weight to injustice. Do you really believe in the afterlife? If yes, then what have you prepared for it? If no, then why do you think you were sent on this planet and what could really be your purpose – death into oblivion?

3. Forget perfection – aim for excellence.
You’re never going to be perfect – no one is. But you can always strive to be better today, better now, than yesterday, and earlier. Allah loves those who take up tasks and excel in them, so by aiming for excellence, you’ll automatically be listed among those whom the Lord loves. No subscription charges, no hidden fees.

4. That’s it.
Why do you want to continue reading forever? Get up and renew your intentions. How about reading 3 pages from the Final Revelation? Choose any, and share your thoughts on them with me.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. ‘And I have been commanded to be the first of the Muslims’. (Quran 39:12)

    To me, this is as if to say that you should worship Allah even if no one else is, to race to be the first to do good.

  2. First of all for me personally the title “The Time is now” doesn’t add up with the explanation below.
    “You don’t always have to stand up for what you believe in.”  this sounds more of a personal specific feeling then a speaking from general point of view, However for me it’s the other way around standing up for what you believe in builds self-confidence and self-awareness. What you believe in is a core foundation of emotional and spiritual confidence the hire self of one’s self.
    “You can remain silent for only as long as your silence isn’t being used to give weight to injustice.”  Agreed. What about this statement “Only speak when you have something to say, rather than just saying it because you have to say something?” Wouldn’t you think making decisions and speaking up without senses would be like digging its own grave (metaphorically speaking?)
    How about reading from the Final Revelation? “Choose any”
    Quran (45:24) they say: “There is no life other than our present worldly life: herein we live and we die, and it is only (the passage of) time that destroys us. Yet the fact is that they know nothing about this and are only conjecturing.
    My explanation: Sometimes Life can be as simple as from birth to death or it can be as complicated as whatever happens in between.

    1. Over a period of a lifetime, you’ll realise that not everything needs a push, sometimes it’s good to let things be, after having done your best. Focus and time are of essence.

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