Under His Watchful Eyes

وَلِتُصْنَعَ عَلَىٰ عَيْنِىٓ – سورة طه
“.. so that you are reared under My watchful eye, protection and care.” – Surah TaHa

In the palace of the tyrants, protected, guarded and raised in the hands of his enemies.

Allah sheltered Musa عليه السلام and gave his mother the strength and faith to carry on, and even returned Musa عليه السلام safely to her so she can take care of him.

Reflecting on just a part of this verse.. Moving from trial to trial at different stages in our lives, facing challenges and struggles.. Do we keep our focus on what’s coming ahead or do we give in to our situation, blame the circumstances while turning our eyes away from the mercy of our Lord?

Difficulties help us in building our characters. We will not taste the sweetness of spirituality if it were not for the struggles of this life.

Struggles that bring us closer to Allah are where we shed all insecurities, fears and focus only on Him and beseech Him, seek His Grace and Mercy. Such a struggle is spiritually productive because it strengthens our faith and we learn how to discover our connection with our Creator instead of coasting along in this life.

A strengthened faith is not something you’ll just find- it’s something you work for.

What can you do today to strengthen your connection with Allah?

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