What Can Your Favourite Surah Teach You

Whenever this life tires you out, spending time reciting and reflecting on the verses of Quran will connect you to your purpose (Surah ar Ra’d, adh Dhariyat)

You can bring your worries and burdens and place them at the doorstep of prayers (Surah Ibrahim, Al Hijr).

When you feel like you cannot make it on your own, the verses of Quran will give you strength, comfort you, heal your heart and help you to carry on (Surah Yunus, Fussilat).

Quran will show you how Allah defended the believers (Surah Al Hajj, Yusuf), and He sent down Quran to protect the Final Messenger ﷺ from falling into despair (Surah ad-Duha, Al Mudatthir).

The purpose of the Final Revelation was to encourage you to read more and take lessons from the previous generations’ trials and stories, from among humans and jinns (Surah Al Alaq, Al Ahqaf).

Pick your favourite Surah tonight/today and don’t just recite it without focus- think about the verses and their purpose of revelation and how it all connects with your life right now.

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