In 34 Days

Another sister from Australia completed her Quran in 34 sessions and was given Ijazah in tilawah.

It took her hour long sessions, 5 days a week, to complete her journey with the Quran from start to finish.

Her first two sessions were introductory lessons to make sure her tajweed was on point and the last two sessions were where she was tested in the entire Mushaf. So, it took her 30 sessions to review the entire Quran this way.

Allah makes the path easy for those who make a resolve to continue working towards their goals.

Every year, on my birthday (I don’t celebrate it or make announcements which makes this interesting), I receive surprises from the students of Quran.

Few years ago, it was a sister who learnt some chapters of the Quran from me and dropped a box of chocolates for me in return for my help.

Again, a few years ago, another student gifted me a beautiful Quran.

And this year, a sister was given her Ijazah on the blessed night of Friday which also coincided with my birthday.

Just the thought of it makes me happy, doing things to help people move forward and making things easy for them is the reason why we were placed within our communities.

I hope to see more sisters flourish, master the tilawah of Quran and progress forward beautifully.


  1. I have a Quran like the last photo, they can make absolutely great travel companions.

    1. Sister I would like to join the ijaza program how is it possible?

      1. Salam, can you send me an email at and we can discuss this further

  2. I would like to join the ijaza program how is it possible?

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