Quran: Reflection & Action Series 6

سورة الضحى
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Fajr.

Purpose of Revelation:
When Prophet of Allah ﷺ was distressed over the discontinuation of the Revelation.

Allah’s blessings on the Final Messenger ﷺ.
Allah never abandons His slaves.
Gratitude to Allah will reap more blessings and rewards.
Acknowledging Allah’s blessings on us helps ease our anxiety and keep us focused on our purpose.

Call to Action:
Pray Salatul Dhuha.
Honour the orphans.
Help people however you can.
Don’t turn others away especially when you have the means of being there for them.

سورة الليل
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Al’aa.

Purpose of Revelation:
Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه freed Bilal Ibn Rabah رضي الله عنه from slavery and Allah praised his actions in this Surah.

Look around you and see what Allah has created in the nature.
How everything follows a pattern and a path.
Focus on the purification of your soul.
Wealth won’t help anyone avert the punishment on the Day of Judgement.
Working for the sake of Allah and expect your rewards only from Him.

Call to Action:
Give charity.
Help others for the sake of Allah.

سورة الشمس
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Qadar and before Surah Al Burooj.

Purpose of Revelation:
Surah talks about the wonders of nature and a story of the Prophet from the past.

Signs of Allah’s power within the creation.
Importance of purification of the Nafs.
Denying miracles of Allah after demanding them begets His wrath.
Severity of Allah’s punishment.

Call to Action:
Pray extra whenever you can.
Add supplications to your daily lifestyle and be consistent with them.

سورة البلد
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Qaaf.

Purpose of Revelation:
To show the virtues of Makkah and Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ association with the land.
To expose mankind’s delusion.

Allah is always with us, watching us.
Makkah is a blessed city.
Fight against your desires and do better.

Call to Action:
Remind believers to have patience in performing, patience in keeping away from sins and over Allah’s decrees.
Be kind towards others.

سورة الفجر
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Layl.

Purpose of Revelation:
Uthman Ibn Affan رضي الله عنه was praised by Allah in this Surah.

Virtues of the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah.
Warnings shared from the end of the previous nations.
Being pleased with the decree of Allah.
Honour the orphans and the needy.
Some of the events that will take place on the Day of Judgement.
How the souls of the believers will be content and relieved in the afterlife.

Call to Action:
Pray Witr.
Make the best use of your time during the first 10 days of Hijjah.
Give gifts and and use good words with other people.
Give charity.

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