Rushed Life

Whoever loves the Quran will make time for it. As for those who say they don’t have time in their day to give proper attention to Quran or are too busy.. Their souls are wrapped up in laziness which needs to be reined back in before it’s too late.

No one is too busy to eat, drink, sit with their favourite people and drinks that cheer them up, and always make time for their usual social media apps, daily programs and even sleep.

You prioritise some things over others. Everyday.

If you’re too focused on the worldly activities then you need to replace one of them with Quran so you don’t lose sight of your purpose.

It is all about priorities.

Hold onto your Quran with strength, love and be grateful that you have lived long enough to see and hear its message because there will come a time when this blessing will be taken from us.

So prioritise.

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