Key to Fluency

Key to reciting with fluency?
Practice, practice, practice.

Everyone has more time now, instead of watching a series on repeat, spend an hour more with Qur’an daily.

It sounds very simple and easy to implement but a lot of people fail to implement this advice consistently. You won’t become proficient if you recite once a week, or for only 10 minutes twice a week.

Quran requires your best attention, the best time and best focus – giving it your partial attention, time and focus won’t do you any good, it’ll only seem harder because no proper result will be within your grasp.

These days, everyone has a little more time, or rather, a lot of it as compared to the previous days. Yes, we are dealing with a pandemic which is no productivity contest, we still have to keep our afterlife in focus and prepare for the life ahead accordingly.

Reconnecting with the Quran with an open heart and humble mind comes into play here. When you make an intention to improve your recitation, nothing will take you away from your goal except for your own inattentiveness.

I’ve been listening to the recitation of different students back to back these days and I notice that the ones who worked hard on their tilawah earlier on don’t struggle much, later on, can recite better and actually pour out their hearts during tilawah.

Ask yourself: What’s stopping me from giving Quran proper time and attention? How can I improve my focus during tilawah?

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