Your Recitation of the Quran

Your recitation of the Quran draws the Mercy of Allah closer to you. It fills your heart with the light of guidance from your Lord, and will erase boredom from your life.

Verses of the Quran are not just plain words sent down for you to recite- they are food for your heart, eyes, ears, tongue and your soul.

If you are able to recite Quran during the morning and evening, then thank Allah for His great gift of facilitating this recitation and making it easy for you to remain consistent.

If you find yourself among the gatherings of those who recite Quran, then, know that Allah has chosen to share the light of His Final Revelation with you. Use it to keep yourself steadfast and pull others closer to the light of your Lord.

People of the Quran have the sincerest and purest of hearts among all of your companions in this life, stay close to them, and help each other in doing more good. Share the blessing of Quran with your family and friends, and remind everyone often through your actions to give Quran priority.

Guard your tongue, eyes, ears and heart from indulging in things that will cause harm and take you away from the blessings of your Lord. Ask Allah to keep you steadfast, and start reciting today.

Even it’s only a page you can manage for now – just get started.

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