A Khitma on Eid

There is no better time to recite Quran than now, especially on the day/night of Eid when it often gets neglected because we have other activities planned. A page wouldn’t hurt, a few verses would do your heart so much good.

One of our dearest sisters completed the recitation of Quran with me today (her evening). This was her first proper khitmah, making sure that she corrects herself and fixes her mistakes in the entire Quran so she won’t be making them ever again in the future.

It was quite emotional for her, and for me as a teacher. We started sometime during this year, and Allah made the journey easy for both of us to bond over Quran and to connect over His Book.

Once you get used to reciting at a certain time or duration, it will become easier for you to sit down and complete your daily wird (portion) of Quran and do more whenever you get the chance.

Even though we expected to finish right before Eid, Allah intended that it be the day of Eid for us, may Allah make recitation of the Quran easy for everyone and beloved to our hearts that we never ever give up on Quran.

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